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Sword Fishing in Key Largo

Swordfish are probably the most sought after game fish here in the Florida Keys, and we are very proud of our success in catching these magnificent animals here at keys sport fishing.

A trip in which you get to bring a swordfish back the dock is one that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Swords live in and around the deep water canyons off of our continental shelf in depths ranging from 1000 to 2000ft of water, and we like to inform our anglers that the ride out to the fishing grounds is about 30 miles before we begin fishing.

We target these fish either during the day or at night, and while we are going for the same fish it is a completely different fishery from our daytime trips to our overnight adventures. During the day these fish are near the bottom at extreme depths so we use electric reels to bring the fish up from the mysterious deep. While some believe that this is not sport fishing it still takes everyone on board working together to get a large swordfish in the boat. During the spring and summer you can expect to stop for dolphin and tuna on the way to and from the sword fishing grounds, so it can be a very productive day if we are unlucky with the swordfish.

At night, these fish migrate upwards in the water column, and we use conventional tackle to land the fish. These trips are from sunset to sunrise and are recommend for the hardcore angler as it is a long run offshore in the pitch black of night, if we are fortunate sometimes the moonlight guides our way. To most in our profession in the Keys, nighttime sword fishing is the pinnacle of our trade.

The one pre-requisite for any sword fishing charter is having good weather on our side, we will simply not go out there with any chance of foul weather.

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